Business casual dress will be permitted in the Clubhouse. Jackets are required in the Main Dining Room at lunch and dinner, except during the summer months, beginning Memorial Day through Labor Day

Blue jeans are not permitted.

Business Casual dress for men includes but is not limited to collared shirts, turtleneck and crew neck sweaters, sweaters, dress slacks, khakis, or corduroy trousers. Dress items not permitted include (but not limited to) denim, (with exception noted above) tee shirts, casual sandals, athletic wear (other than in athletic areas), sweatshirts, shorts and torn clothing. Hats are not to be worn in member areas.

Squash/Athletic Department Dress Code

For regular play, member and guest’s shirts must be white only. A small logo however is permitted and collars are preferred. For tournament play, collared shirts are preferred and colors are permitted for team distinction.

  • Colored warm-ups are not acceptable. They must be white.
  • Shorts must be white (a small logo is acceptable).
  • Socks and wristbands must be white.
  • Court shoes are the only shoes permitted. Various colors are permitted, but it is encouraged to refrain from fluorescent colors.
  • Protective eyewear must be worn at all times by players while on the court.

The all-white dress rules outlined above also apply to the third floor exercise area.

Casual dress, sport and denim attire are permitted at all times in the Squash Lounge.
Members may dine and/or have drinks in such attire when those services are available.


Use of phones in the Oak Bar, Library, Main Dining Room and Col. Long Room are strictly prohibited without exception.

Limited Use of Phones

Text messages/e-mails may be received and sent in the squash lounge, locker rooms, Turkish bath, and third floor exercise facility; however, no voice usage of phones is permitted.

Full use of phones are permitted in the following areas:

  • The first floor offices
  • The two phone booths outside First floor office
  • The waiters’ station adjacent to the squash lounge
  • Any of the private rooms on the second floor
  • Second floor telephone booth
  • Third floor billiards room

Taking pictures at the Club is highly restricted. Please check with member host before taking pictures or posting to any social media.